Panelist, Gender and Social Inclusion in Trade Agreements, at International Trade and Gender Symposium by ECLAC UN

Mexico - 19 November 2020

Trade topics: Trade Negotiations, Gender and Trade

Roundtable:Gender and Social Inclusion in Trade
Mariangela Linoci, UNCTAD;
Bogolo Kenewendo, Former Minister of Trade, Botswana, and Economic Development Consultant;
Gloria Atuheirwe, Director Women in Trade at TradeMark East Africa;
Amrita Bahri, Professor, ITAM;
Margaret Ventura, Directorate General for Foreign Trade, Belize;
Mónica Lugo, PRODENSA, Mexico

My intervention addressed 2 issues:
1. How are gender issues dealt with in trade negotiations in the developing world?
2. Why are there only 6 countries in the world to address gender issues in a dedicated chapter in trade agreements?