Forty-first UNCTAD Regional Course on key issues on the international economic agenda 25 March-5 April 2019 UON, MOF KENYA

Kenya - 25 March 2019

Trade topics: Border Trade, Digital Trade, E-commerce, Global Value Chains, International Trading System, Trade Facilitation, Trade Negotiations, Trade Policy

The forty-first UNCTAD regional course on key issues on the international economic agenda organized by the University of Nairobi, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kenya. Covered the following topics: 

  • The Impact of the current global economic landscape on development strategies
  • Financing for development, and the impact of migration
  • The multilateral trading system and trade policy design
  • Trade agreements and development
  • Trade trends and E-commerce and digital economy
  • Trade trends and trade facilitation and logistics
  • Introduction to productive capacities, concepts of FDI and STI
  • Policy framework for FDI, global, regional value chains & STI concepts of FDI, SMEs, and STI