Indonesia-Japan Economic and Trade Relations: Updates, Focus on Small & Medium Enterprises/SMEs

Indonesia - 10 July 2020

Trade topics: Trade and Development, MSMEs, Indonesia, MSME, International Trade

This outreach activity is organized collaboratively by the WCP CWTS UGM in Indonesia and ASEAN Nagoya Club (ANC) in Japan to promote Toyota Way (Value, Ethics and Business) among Indonesian MSMEs, and was attended by representatives of big private enterprise in Japan and MSMEs in Indonesia. Topics of my presentation include:

1. Context of Economic Cooperation - Government to Government (G to G)
2. Context of Economic Cooperation - Business to Business (B to B)
3. Context of Economic Cooperation - People to People (P to P)
4. Context of Trade Relations (IDN-JPN Trade Baselines as of 2018)
5. Context of Trade Relations (IDN-JPN Trade Statistics, since 1989)
6. Context of Trade Relations (IDN Exports to JPN)
7. Context of Trade Relations (IDN Imports from JPN)
8. Context of Trade Relations (where JPN located in IDN Imports)
9. Context of Trade Relations (where JPN located in IDN Exports)
10. SMEs as Part of Economic and Trade Diplomacy
11. SMEs as the Focus (case on automotive industry/Toyota)
12. Your SMEs: How to Fit In? Potential SMEs Mapping Queries