Global Trade and Economic Governance Annual Report 2017

China - 1 August 2017

Trade topics: Other

This book brings together a number of think-tank researchers to discuss hot issues in the field of international economic and Trade Governance from 2016 to 2017. The book includes 5 chapters. Namely, the new changes of the international economic and trade environment and the responses, the discussion of the hot issues in the multilateral trading system, One Belt One Road and the new progress in the area of the FTA, G20 and the participation of China in the global economic and Trade Governance, the outlook of China’s domestic economic situation and the reform measures. In this book, the authors discuss the reconstruction of international economic and trade governance from different perspectives, including the game between multilateral and regional trading system, the confrontation between developed and developing countries, especially the changes in Sino-US economic and trade relations, which are the most important background and development direction in the field of future international economic and trade governance. In addition, this book has paid special attention to China's domestic economic governance reform.