CDP3: Global Economic Governance

Brazil - 1 February 2018

Trade topics: E-commerce, Intellectual Property, International Trading System, Trade Facilitation

CDP3: Global Economic Governance, Feb-Jun 2018 (LLM. in Public Law / FGV), Aug-Dec 2018 (LLM. in Public Policies / FGV
This course works with interdisciplinary competences, the structure of international economics politics, involving basic international relations theories that support different regulatory regimes/systems. The main goal is to show that international economic order has suffered great transformations in the past years and decades – especially on the verge of economic globalization and the formation of a multipolar world and regulatory systems connected to international economics affairs – and the international economic system has not been adequately prepared to those changes. Therefore, it is necessary to bring public sector employees to this discussion, providing to them the basic notions of those areas (trade, finance, monetary, investments, tax, sustainability, human rights, climate change) and showing that they bear deficits of coherence. In response to that, it is important to review friction points between them or it will not be possible to move the international agenda forward, which progressively incorporates into it the creation of public policies and their implementation in domestic jurisdictions.