Gender and Trade in the Americas

Barbados - 16 July 2021

Trade topics: Gender and Trade, Latin America

This project is aimed at improving the understanding of why mainstreaming gender equality considerations in the trade policy context is of crucial importance. The expected outputs, a comprehensive volume on the subject as well as a dedicated special issue in the Latin American Journal of Trade Policy, will address the different approaches and experiences of countries in this respect, the impediments that restrict progress, and the road ahead to achieve a more inclusive trading environment and regulatory framework. It will also serve as core teaching material for a new course on trade and gender and for a short capacity-building certificate course for policymakers and trade negotiators.
In particular, the course will be taught using case studies and experiences from the Americas and will be formulated with international and regional trade organizations that have built up strong portfolios and expertise on trade and gender, (WTO, ITC, UNCTAD, World Bank, and the IDB), some which have even developed modules that are offered on a seasonal basis to trade officials.
A seminar series, which will consist of six online roundtables that will address the main topics regarding trade and gender issues will also be conducted. It will feature academics, policymakers, trade negotiators, and experts from international organizations. The main topics and recommendation formulated will then be summarized in brief policy note that will be sent to the trade and gender community in the Latin American and Caribbean region.