Panel presenter of paper entitled "Climate Action: Prospects for the Tourism and Travel Industry in the Caribbean"

Barbados - 25 April 2018

Trade topics: Tourism, Trade and Environment

Annual SALISES Conference, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

This conference examined the Caribbean’s prospects for 2030 against the background of the aspirations of the peoples of the region articulated during the 1947 conference and the global goals for sustainable development.
This paper explores the evolving intersection between climate change policies and trade governance with emphasis on the issues for the travel and tourism industry based on the recognition that it is not sufficient to cope solely with the challenges of environmental change. It provides an analysis of the climate change impact on SIDS and then examines the intersection between trade policy, travel and tourism and climate change governance. Specific attention is given to the policy dimension in the aviation and maritime sectors given their importance to the travel and tourism sector in SIDS.