2019 WCP Annual Conference held in Geneva, WTO headquarter

Monday, July 1, 2019

The 2019 WCP Annual Conference was held in Geneva on 1-2 July, followed by the Aid for Trade Global Review. The programme feature research conducted by the WTO Chairs on the theme of the Global Review for Aid for Trade, recent trade policy developments, current trade tensions and the future of trade.
The conference reviewed the work undertaken by the 19 active WTO Chairs in 2017-18, identified the main achievements and challenges encountered in the delivery of activities; and considered the outcome of the external evaluation of the WCP and the future direction of the programme. It also released the plan of a WCP publication in 2020. The conference also saw the launch of new features in the dedicated WCP e-Platform, including the WCP recommended curriculum, which will help to enhance the sharing of knowledge between Chairs, students and professors around the world, promoting and encouraging networking.
The conference concluded with an address by Robert Koopman, the Director of Economic Research and Statistics. In his address, Dr. Robert Koopman congratulated the WCP team on its successfully implementation of the WCP phase II, the WCP chairs on its deliverables and tangible outputs of the Programme.