Legal research towards drafting the submissions for the ELSA Moot Court Competition on WTO Law

Turkey - 1 September 2017

Trade topics: Border Trade

Five students, instructed and trained by the WTO Chair Holder, wrote two legal submissions depicting the discussions evolving around a dispute related to the TBT Agreement and border tax adjustment from September 2017 to March 2018. Those students then participated in the ELSA Moot Court Competition on WTO Law. Istanbul Bilgi University's ELSA Moot Court Team won the European Regional Rounds held in Naples during February - March, 2018 out of 15 universities. They later competed in Geneva at the Grand Final along with 22 universities. In addition to being the “Winner” of the European Regional Rounds in Naples, the Team was also awarded “Best Oralist for Grand Final”, “Best Submission for Complainant”, “Best Submission for Defendant in the Naples Regional Round”. Their active participation and accomplishments will result in future students undertaking similar research and challenge for coming years’ competitions. In fact, two members of last year’s team are now coaching this year’s Moot Court Team to represent Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law. Moreover, two students are now coauthoring two articles with the WTO Chair Holder on “Articles XX and XXI of the GATT: A Comparative Analysis” and “The concept of Public Body and the Related WTO jurisprudence”.