Treatment of Non-Market Economies in Anti-Dumping Proceedings: The Mexican Approach

Mexico - 1 November 2018

Trade topics: International Trade Law

Note: All views or omissions are author's own. This article is written and being published here solely for academic exchange purposes, and does not reflect the views of WTO on this or other issues in any manner.

Abstract: Mexico has employed special methodologies for price-determination and calculation of dumping margins against Chinese imports in almost all anti-dumping investigations. This chapter attempts to explain and analyze the NME-specific procedures employed by Mexican authorities for investigating imports from China. It also clarifies the Mexican standpoint on the controversial issue of how the expiry of Section 15(a)(ii) of China’s Accession Protocol to the WTO impacts upon the surviving parts of Section 15 of the Protocol, and whether Mexico has changed its treatment towards Chinese imports following the expiry of Section 15(a)(ii) post 12 December 2016.