Seminario para periodistas latinoamericanos especializados en información económica y de comercio - Ciudad de México

Mexico - 23 October 2018

Trade topics: Agricultural Trade, Energy policy, Intellectual Property, International Trade Law

Professor Bradly Condon, WTO Chairholder for Mexico, did a presentation on “The Multilateral Trade System and the Environment” (El sistema multilateral de comercio y el medio ambiente), at the Seminar for Latin American journalists in Mexico City on 23 October 2018. The event was organized by the WTO and the Secretariat of Economy of the Government of Mexico. The seminar, which was held in Spanish, brought together journalists from all over Latin America. Professor Condon gave a 15 minute presentation, which was followed by a 90 minute question and answer session with the journalists. The presentation focused on the role of WTO law in promoting science-based environmental policies, the role of trade in goods and services in improving access to goods and services needed to mitigate and adapt to climate change, clean energy subsidies and WTO law, intellectual property rights and access to medicines and new plant varieties for climate change adaptation, and the use of unilateral trade measures to achieve environmental objectives. The questions covered a broad range of issues, including food security, the impact of agriculture on climate change, the transition to clean energy, the current crisis in the decision-making structures of the WTO, and how individuals can change their lives to induce action by governments and companies to address climate change.