GTW 2020: WTO dispute resolution: a holistic approach

Mexico - 30 September 2020

Trade topics: Trade Dispute Settlement Systems

The panel focussed on exploring the alternative ways to settle diasgreements and disputes and reboot the existing dispute settlement machinery.

Here are the skeleton points of my presentation:

Ø AB crisis, right time to rethink the settlement of disagreements and disputes; serves as a deterrent to use the official litigation mechanism

Ø Rethink the role private stakeholders, in particular industries, can play in this for ensuring timely and cost-effective enforcement

Ø PPP arrangements at pre-litigation stage: informal/bilateral discussions and negotiations, committee discussions, formal consultations

Ø PPP arrangements at litigation stage: preparing a legal case, bargaining in shadow of litigation

Ø PPP arrangements at post-litigation stage: public pressure, strategic retaliation