Analysis of the readiness of Indonesian domestic suppliers to encounter GPA in IEU-CEPA

Indonesia - 30 January 2018

Trade topics: International Trading System

The Centre for World Trade Studies UGM undertook the following research project in collaboration with the Indonesian National Public Procurement Agency (NPPA) in 2018. The first research project analyses the readiness of Indonesian domestic suppliers to encounter the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) in Indonesia-European Union Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IEU-CEPA). This research doesn’t only identify GPA market in both European Union member countries and Indonesia, but also measures domestic suppliers readiness to utilize government procurement agreement in IEU-CEPA. The main purpose is to analyse cost and benefit that will be likely gained by Indonesian public procurement regime should both parties signed IEU-CEPA. This research provides three outputs: (1) a policy recommendation for Indonesian government to seek the best practices on how to negotiate government procurement provision with the European Union, (2) a regulatory gap analysis by comparing Indonesian procurement law to the GPA provision in IEU-CEPA, (3) analysis of domestic suppliers readiness to compete with foreign suppliers in public bidding.