International Trade Regulations: the Law of the WTO

Jordan - 19 November 2012

Course Description
With the growing economic interdependence of the world, understanding the international trading system is becoming increasingly important. With as much as 50% (or more) of profits of some businesses coming from transactions across borders, it does not seem extravagant to suggest that in the next few decades a very high percentage of lawyers will require an understanding of the role of law (or lack of law) in international affairs.
This course will study the legal framework governing international economic relations and global business. Students will gain an understanding of why and how national and international institutions regulate world trade.   Particular attention will be paid to the evolution of international trade regulation and the pressures on existing regulatory concepts and principles. Topics will include WTO, the protection of intellectual property, the promotion of international services transactions, and the stability of international currency markets.
There is no way to keep course materials in this subject completely up-to-date, since new developments occur almost daily. Thus we will heavily be using online resources from the WTO website and similar websites that we will refer to in due course.