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Nassim Oulmane

Coordinator WTO Chairs Programme

Nassim Oulmane is the coordinator of the WTO Chairs Programme. Previously he was chief of the Green Economy and Natural Resources Section of the Special Initiative Division at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), at HQ-Addis Ababa. Before that he was Director a.i. (2015-2016) of the ECA North Africa Sub Regional Office-Rabat, Senior Economist and Chief of the North African Data Center and Policy Analysis Section (2013-2015), Chief of Regional Integration Section (2009-2011) and Economist at ECA HQ-Addis Ababa (2004-202007) and ECA SRO-Rabat (2007-2009). Before joining the United Nations, he was economist at the Forecasting Directorate of the French treasury and Lecturer at the University of Montpellier 1 (France). Holding a PhD on International Economics, his main domains and activities are Sustainable Economic development, trade policy and international economic relations. He has published several books (« crise…naufrage des économistes » De Boeck, « Introduction à la théorie de l'assurance» Dunod et «émergence en méditerranée» L’Harmattan,…) and articles in International Economic journals (Canadian Journal of Development Studies, Journal of Economic Integration, Oxford Development Studies, Mondes en développement, Revue Economique, Journal of Economic Development, Revue d’Economie Politique,…)

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Nassim Oulmane

WTO Chairs Programme Coordinator
Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation
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