WTO Chairs Annual Conference 2017

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 to Thursday, December 7, 2017

The WTO Chairs Annual Conference of 2017 will take stock of the work undertaken by the 19 active WTO Chairs in 2016-17, identify the main achievements and challenges encountered in the delivery of activities, and the future direction of the programme. It will also highlight research conducted by the WTO Chairs on trade and poverty, promoting connectivity and trade behind the headlines.
Session 1 of the conference will report on the third year of activities on research, curriculum development and outreach conducted by Phase I and II Chairs. Sessions 2 to 4 will be interactive sessions among the Chairs, Advisory Board members and the Secretariat focusing on best practices, lessons learned and how the Chairs can sustain their activities after the programme ends. Session 5 will discuss matters from the last annual conference, including the WCP e-platform, the evaluation of the WCP, and the future direction of the WTO Chairs Programme. Sessions 6 to 8 will feature selected research papers by WCP Chairs on a number of trade-related topics with Advisory Board Members serving as discussants.