Adapting to the Digital Trade era: Challenges and Opportunities - WTO Chairs Programme Session

Thursday, October 4, 2018

WTO, Centre William Rappard

A dedicated session "Adapting to the Digital Trade era: Challenges and Opportunities" is organized by the WTO Chairs Programme in the WTO Public Forum 2018 to discuss Trade

2030 and Sustainable Development and the trade policy implications from a developing country academic perspective.

This session offers a holistic look at the challenges and opportunities countries face when adapting to the digital trade era. The panel will present key findings from the 2018 WTO Trade Report; provide insights on cross cutting issues such as blockchain technology and its potential use in copyright protection and royalty collection; discuss the challenges and opportunities of e-commerce from a developing country as well as trade policy making perspective; and how to promote sustainable and inclusive trade in Africa. The multi-stakeholder panel will include representatives from the WTO Chairs Programme, academic institutions, Geneva trade policy community, and the WTO secretariat.


Thursday, 4 October 2018, 17:00 -18:30

Moderator, Jean Marie Paugam, Permanent Representative of France to the WTO

17:00 - 17:10 Key messages from the 2018 WTO World Trade report "The future of world trade: how digital technologies are transforming global commerce", Robert Teh, ERSD, WTO

17:10 - 17:55 Trade 2030, an academic perspective from WTO Chairs

- "Blockchains and Trade-Related Copyright: Digitalization and the Trade 2030 Agenda", Keith Nurse, WTO Chair holder, Arthur Lewis Institute, University of the West Indies, Barbados.

- "Engaging to the Digital Economy: Issues and Agenda in Quest for the Adoption of Indonesia’s E-Commerce Road Map", Riza Noer Arfani, WTO Chair holder, WCP UGM Indonesia, Executive Secretary, Center for World Trade Studies/CWTS UGM, Indonesia.

- "Promoting sustainable and inclusive trade in a digital era by exploring untapped intra-regional trade opportunities in Africa", Lorraine Ferreira and Ermie Steenkamp, North-West University, South Africa.

17:55 - 18:10 "Trade 2030, a Policy perspective from Friends of E-Commerce for Development", Alvaro Cedeño Molinari, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Costa Rica

18:10 - 18:30 General discussion

Interpretation will be provided in English, Spanish and French for this session.